MJ Food & Diaries is a Pakistani company that imports MJ-Synerlac quality calcium salt. Calcium salt is a type of rumen bypass fat made especially for high milk-yielding dairy ruminants including buffalos, cows, goats, and sheep and so on.
It is founded by Mr. Ahmed Hasan (Managing Director) who has been involved in this field for a long time.

For the betterment and for the sake of animal care, he did a research and find the outcomes of calcium salt. Afterwards, a positive result influences him to start a business in 2011. In addition, Mr. Ahmed Hasan initiate with this idea and turn it into a reality for improving the health and care of high milk-yielding ruminants.

Stepping ahead, calcium salt made from the finest ingredients, which are pure, organic and protected. Having nourishment and as well as healthy for animals. Furthermore, it was certified from the New Jersey Feed laboratory USA.
MJ-Synerlac simply minimizes the confusions. There are no doubts in the quality of our product. All material are made from natural ingredients and doesn't contain any kind of chemical or hazardous materials . It’s purely suitable for the high milk-yielding ruminants.