• Medium yielder (2500-3000 liters) 300 – 350 g/day
  • Lactating ewes and goats 50 – 100 g/day
  • Young animals Up to 1.5% of intake
  • High yielder (>3000 liters) 350 – 500 g/day

Notwithstanding the above, as a rule of thumb, the dosage should contribute to a total maximum of 7% fat of the weight of the dry matter consumed. For example if dairy dry matter consumed is 20kg. Fat content derived from dry matter is 600gm (normally about 3%). Max CaLCFA to be fed would be 4% or 800gm.


  • Faster recoveries for the calves
  • Quick return to optimum fertility condition
  • Optimum milk production
  • Increase in milk yield
  • Decrease in metabolic complications such as ketosis, acidosis and milk fever
  • Optimal nutrients absorption for the animals